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Virginia McKenna OBE

(Actress, author and founder of the Born Free Foundation)



"The beautiful, fascinating and always individual qualities of animals are remarkably and sensitively captured by Richard in his expressive paintings.”

Rula Lenska 

(Actress and conservationist)


"Richard's bear drawings show his love and compassion for these poor maltreated animals.... All his images carry the symbol of hope and how bears should look in all their magnificent glory where they should be, free and in the wild..... A talented man with a big heart who believes like I do that animals have as much right to their life as we have....." March 2012 

Dr Jill Robinson MBE

(Founder & CEO Animals Asia Foundation)



"Richard's work is beyond words. How can any adjective do justice to the eyes that reflect a cruel and distant past, yet today shine with the happy contentment of the bears' new lives. Their joy, their majesty, their forgiveness is in every stroke of his pencil and he is one of those rare species himself who can truly bring these remarkable animals to life. With his talent, generosity and sheer kindness, Richard is a formidable force in our goal to end bear farming in China and Vietnam, and we are proud to call him a bears' best friend." February 2012 

David Shepherd O.B.E., F.R.S.A., F.R.G.S

(Artist, conservationist and founder of The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation)


"In the increasingly competitive field of wildlife art, there are nevertheless those few whose talent is outstanding. Richard undoubtedly has a bright future.” July 1998

Peter Egan

(Actor and animal campaigner)


"I can't tell you how much I admire Richard Symond's work as a wildlife artist..that's not true of course I can..he's simply Brilliant. Boundless admiration." October 2013

Brian May

(Musician, singer song writer, guitarest with Rock Band Queen and animal campaigner)



Deanne Berry

(TV presenter, dancer, fitness guru and star of hit music video 'Call on me')



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