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I'm always being asked whether I undertake commissions and I am really pleased to say 'yes I do!' A large part of my work is commission based be it a portrait, wild animal, pet or just about anything!


I always enjoy the variety that commissions bring and never know what maybe just around the corner!


Another of the questions I am always asked is 'How long do your paintings and drawings take?' and 'How much do your originals cost?'


Well both of these questions will depend on size and medium used. As a rough guide a 45cm x 60cm detailed pencil drawing will take me anywhere between 1-2 weeks and the price will reflect in this time between £1,500 - £3,000+. An oil painting of around 80cm x 60cm on canvas or board can take around 2 weeks+ and price is around £4,000. These prices are just a guide and so please contact me for a proper quote.


I've been very fortunate to travel abroad quite often for my work and commissions can take up to 6 months during busy periods. Again please feel free to contact me for any further information or questions you may have and I will be more than happy to answer them.



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